I found this photo in an envelope with my father's Goldfish badge but don't know who is in it or where it was taken. The reverse says 'Taken by Hoppy in the Heliopolis Swimming Pool'. My father is not in the picture and the only Heliopolis Hotel I can find is near Cairo. Can anyone explain?

Taken By Hoppy Taken By Hoppy Reverse

Taken By Hoppy

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Taken By Hoppy Reverse

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We recently received the following:

"I can tell you that the Helopolis swimming pool where the photo was taken is indeed on the outskirts of Cairo and not far away from the RAF El Gedida camp (tented!) where I was posted to after completing my basic accounts course in the UK in 1945. This was the Base Accounts for all the Middle East RAF personnel.

Heliopolis by the way, was just a short tram ride from the city of Cairo which in those days was not what you could call a site seeing place by any stretch of your imagination, but we did venture there to have a drink in the Toch H club. My "cup" of tea there was served up in a "cut in half" glass bottle with the rim rounded off!!

The swim in that warm outdoor swimming pool was marvellous, something that we take for granted these days."


I now know where this photo was taken and can guess that the men, or some of them, were known to my Dad as they were on the same training course but do you recognise any faces?


If you have any information about the rest of the crew, particularly Leon Trzebiatowski who Ted Bedell thought had been awarded a Polish version of the Victoria Cross, and would like to add it to this website please contact me.